Over time, we have acquired certifications, skillsets, and experience that have electrified our enthusiasm for cars. We are experienced enough to deal with sophisticated new vehicle technology.

Fully focused on customer service, Eviva Automotive guarantees complete customer satisfaction. We can also provide a more personal experience than what dealerships can offer.

Recommendation is everything and we take pride in displaying ours. We can’t wait to add you to our happy client list and leave your review of Eviva Automotive. It’ll help others make the right choice for their car.

We are able to get you back on the road quickly saving you money in the process..

ICE, electric vehicle and hybrid specialist all brands of vehicles.

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Dan started his career in the motor trade by taking an apprenticeship at a classic car specialist in Blackpool.  He then relocated to Greater Manchester working at Mercedes Benz dealerships for close to two decades, holding the position of senior technician and high voltage vehicle specialist.

He didn’t halt at that instance as his inherent drive for vehicles took to another level, moving up to successful completion of his training in Milton Keynes at the Headquarters of Mercedes-Benz.

During this period, he has acquired the following certifications;

  1. Mercedes-Benz certified Systems Technician
  2. Mercedes-Benz Telematic Specialist
  3. Mercedes-Benz Chassis Specialist
  4. Lithium-ion battery specialist
  5. Level 4 certified Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Specialist.
  6. Mercedes-Benz certified electrical, mechanical, and trim technician.
  7.  IMI Diploma in Auto Electrics.

Dan has an avid passion for new technology and welcomes developing changes from combustion engines to electric drives.


James of Eviva Automotive had a first-hand tutor during his formative years. He joined his dad at his garage every time he got a break from school. Working hand-in-hand with his dad, learning the trade, and fuelling his passion to further develop his skills in the motor trade..

After the successful completion of his academic studies he took his first step in the motor trade, by signing up for an apprenticeship with Volkswagen (VW), hereby clinching his accreditation as a qualified Volkswagen technician, after eight years of quality service.

Striving to widen his exposure with top brands and gain more experience, he took a step further and joined BMW for training at their academy. To this end, added a BMW accreditation to his accolades.

Fast-track to 2017, moved to Mercedes-Benz and soon, got accredited at their headquarters. Now, a proud label and brand himself as he has acquired full accreditation from the GERMAN BIG 3- BMW, VW, and Mercedes-Benz.

Both parties stand as a firm structure and their experiences and skills serve as Eviva Automotives backbone. It’s quality hands on your vehicle.

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For quality vehicle servicing, repairs, and diagnostics with a company that has the skillset, facilities, qualifications and experience. That’s what Eviva Automotive is all about!